Can't play on Android? Change your playback engine

Our application contains several video playback engines that can help to solve some playback issues on Android Smartphones and Tablets.
If you have troubles playing our content through your Android device, you can follow these simple steps and test if the content plays without any issue. 
First of all, delete the app, turn off the device completely and turn it back on, download the latest Rakuten TV version in Google Play and try to play a free movie with the default playback engine. 
Normally, this is enough to solve the playback issues. 
If this fails, you can follow the next steps:
  1. App settings
  2. Change player engine
  3. Choose PR2
  4. Unpair your account
  5. Turn the device off
  6. Turn the device on
  7. Open the app
  8. Pair in your Rakuten TV account
  9. Test a free movie (not a trailer)
If this doesn't do it, try the same with PR3.
Please make sure you are unpairing your account whenever you switch to a new player engine, turn the device off and turn it on again. Pair your account again, then try to play a free movie, not a trailer.
If after following these steps you are not able to play the content, your Android device is unfortunately not compatible with our app. We keep working really hard to make our service available on as many devices as possible.