First Steps at Rakuten TV

To start enjoying Rakuten TV is very easy, not only from our web, but from any of our compatible devices. However, please take into account the following aspects before setting up a new account:

1. A minimum Internet connection speed of 3Mbps is required to watch SD contents and of 5Mbps to watch our HD contents. If you don't know what your internet speed is, please take the following test:

Once there, click on "Begin test" and wait for the test to begin. The result that actually matters when it comes to watching our contents is the "Download speed" one.

Please bear in mind that, if your result is below 3Mbps you will likely not be able to enjoy our service without buffering and cut-outs.

2. Once you have checked your Internet connection speed, you must make sure your device is compatible with our app.

3. Now you know your Internet connection speed is sufficient and your device is compatible with our service, it's time to create a new user. Registering to Rakuten TV is easy and completely free.

We recommend you choose a simple username and password, specially if you are going to use your account on many devices, just to make the pairing moment easier.

If, once logged in, you go to "Settings", you will see all your account's information, billing details (you need to enter them to rent films) and preferences.

We hope this information has been useful and welcome to Rakuten TV!