The Rakuten TV icon doesn't appear on my LG Smart TV!

In some cases, LG devices do not correctly show the Rakuten TV icon. In these cases, we recommend that you follow these instructions:


1- Update your LG device with the latest version of software/firmware

2- In the "Settings" menu, click on "Country Settings" and verify that "your country" is selected as the active country.

3- Go to the "Premium Area" section and click on the "+" button to see if there is no Premium Area update. If there is, install the update and the Rakuten TV icon should appear.


You followed the instructions, and you still can't see the Rakuten TV icon.


If you still cannot see the Rakuten TV icon, please do the following test:

1- Go to "Settings" --> "Country Settings" and select a different country (for example, Austria)

2- Go to the Premium Area and press the "+" button

3- Return to "Settings" --> "Country Settings" and select "Your country"

4- Go back to the Premium Area and again press the "+" button


Some users have reported that after doing this test, the necessary software update appears to be able to see the Rakuten TV icon.

If you continue having problems with this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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