How can I update the firmware version on my PHILIPS Smart TV?

It’s very important to have the last version of Firmware of your Philips Smart TV. Philips updates the Firmware from time to time to have the best service possible.

Rakuten TV also updates the Rakuten TV app to offer the best service to our users.

Please, make sure you have both services up to date to enjoy our Rakuten TV app without any issue.


How to update my Philips device

To update your Philips device follow this easy steps:

  1. Turn on your Philips Smart TV and make sure it is connected to the Internet. In some cases it’s recommendable to let the device turned on for five minutes.
  2. Using your remote control go to “Home” and select Settings using the OK option.
  3. Select the option “Update now” and select OK.

If your device is connected to the Internet it will connect to the Philips server to look for an update. Follow the instruction on the screen.

Once the update is done, the TV will turn off and turn on automatically. Wait until the TV turns on again. Please, do not use the remote control to turn your TV during this period.


I followed the steps but my Philips does not update

If after following the steps your Philips does not update this means there is no update available for your device. In some cases the Philips smart TV does not pick up any update.

Please, follow this steps to corroborate that your Philips device is up to date:

  1. First: figure out which Firmware version does your Philips Smart TV have:
  • Go to “Home” using your remote control.
  • Select Settings, Firmware update, Firmware information and press OK.
  • Write down the Firmware information.
  1. Second: find out the last Firmware version available for your Philips device:
  • Write down the exact model of your Philips device. You will find it in the back of your TV.
  • Go to the Philips support webpage and look for the las Firmware version available for your Philips device. Click here to go to the Philips Customer Support.
  • There you have to add the model number of your TV in the field “Type your model number”.
  • Compare that the version of your Philips Smart TV is the same to the one provided in the website. In case the version in the Philips webpage is superior to the one in your TV, you should check the steps to install the new Firmware and follow them.

In any case, this steps shouldn’t be necessary since the Philips Smart TV Firmware version updates automatically.

If you have any question about how to update the Firmware of your Philips, we recommend you to contact the Philips technical support and ask for assistance.

Here you can find the information to contact with Philips.

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