Rakuten TV - Compatible devices

Rakuten TV is available to be used on numerous devices. This is a list of the platforms on which we are available at the moment.



Browse through https://rakuten.tv/ and enjoy it on your Mac and Windows PC

Using Rakuten TV on your computer >>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your LG Smart TV

List of LG compatible devices>>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your Samsung Smart TV

List of SAMSUNG compatible devices>>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your Hisense Smart TV

List of HISENSE compatible devices>>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your Philips Smart TV

List of PHILIPS compatible devices>>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your iOS device

Compatible iOS devices>>>



Enjoy Rakuten TV on your ANDROID tablet

Downloading Rakuten TV app on ANDROID >>>

Compatible Android Tablets list >>>

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