Rakuten TV Abroad

Rakuten TV is available in 43 European countries, and you can enjoy its services when you travel to them.

Enjoy new content while abroad

Our contracts with content and studio providers do not allow us to distribute content from the foreign market if your user account was set up in a different country.

To continue enjoying movies in the Store and free ad-listed content in the country you're in, you'll need to locate your account in that country. You can modify this setting on the web : Settings > Profile > Active Country. To complete the change, you must confirm your password.

Access your content while you are abroad

Go to the menu and find your content in your Library. If you have changed the default country of your account and cannot find the content you purchased in the previous market, you can return to your original country by changing your settings on the web  Settings > Profile > Active Country. To complete the change you must confirm with your password.

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