I'm trying to watch a movie, but it keeps buffering and cutting out!

Clipping and buffering problems are very annoying and unfortunately difficult to diagnose. There are many factors that influence the quality of connections: router, connection speed, internet provider, connection of our servers to the provider's network, device firmware, etc.

Therefore, we ask you to carry out the following checks that in some cases serve to solve the problem:

1 . Take the following speed test:  http://www.speedtest.net/ (To start the test you must press the "START" button).

To enjoy Rakuten TV content without cuts or excessively long loads, it is essential to have at least a guaranteed real speed of 3 Mbps in the case of SD content, 5 Mbps in the case of HD content and 20 Mbps for UHD content. .

We recommend a minimum of 20 actual Mbps in order to enjoy UHD content. If your connection speed is slower, you may be experiencing charging issues.

If the result is much lower than the speed you have contracted, check with your internet provider.

2. Direct cable connection to the router whenever possible. Wi-Fi connections are more sensitive to interference and can suffer micro-cuts.

3. At the time of watching our movies, please do not share the Internet connection , especially with download programs.

4. Router checks :- disconnect the router from the power supply for a few minutes (solves access router overload problems).- try to use another connection cable to the router or to insert it into another available port of your router.- try changing the security level of your router's firewall to medium or low.

After completing these steps, we recommend that you try a free movie such as "Sintel" or "Big Buck Bunny" to see if the problem has been solved, before making a new rental.


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