What is Rakuten TV on Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is an app launched by Samsung Electronics for Smart TVs to offer a unique experience for linear viewing behavior (TV channels).

Rakuten TV has created four channels on Samsung TV Plus to offer users a laid-back, TV viewing experience across four genres: Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies and Spotlight Movies and TV Series.

Our channels, created especially to give you a taste of the Rakuten TV experience, will bring you entire movies and series for FREE, streaming 24/7.


Which devices is Samsung TV Plus available on?

At this moment Samsung TV Plus is available on most of the 2016-2020 Smart TVs models from Samsung Electronics.


What is Rakuten TV offering on Samsung TV Plus?

Rakuten TV is offering 4 different channels:

Action Movies  - Movies to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Comedy Movies - Amusing, lighthearted movies to keep your spirits high.

Spotlight  - What's in the Spotlight this week? Exclusives, originals and our top picks in movies.

Drama Movies - Give me drama! Stories you can connect with, characters you can walk alongside.

The content will be refreshed regularly for you, so you always have access to a great new selection.


Who should I contact in case of an issue with Samsung TV Plus?

Please always reach out to help.tvplus@samsung.com for any inquiry or comment related to Samsung TV Plus and/or Rakuten TV Channels on Samsung TV Plus.


How can I watch more Rakuten TV?

You can always rent or buy the latest new release movies and enjoy our growing catalogue of free on-demand content via our Smart TV app, which is pre-installed on your Samsung TV.