Я намагаюся подивитися фільм, але він продовжує буферизуватись і вирізати!

It is very easy to start using Rakuten TV not only on our website, but also on any of the supported devices. However, before creating an account, read the conditions necessary for comfortable use of the service:

1. The minimum speed of the Internet connection for viewing content in SD format should be 3 Mbit / s, and for viewing content in HD format - 5 Mbit / s. You can check the speed of the Internet connection at this link:


On the page that opens, click Begin test and wait for the result. Pay attention to the download speed, because this is what is important for viewing our content.

If the speed is less than 3 Mbps, it is likely that the content of our service will be buffered for a long time, and its playback will be interrupted.

2. When checking the speed of your Internet connection, make sure that your device is compatible with the application.

3. When you have checked the speed of your internet connection and the compatibility of your device with the application, create a new user. Registering at Rakuten TV is very simple and absolutely free.

We recommend that you choose a simple username and password, especially if you plan to use your account on different devices. This will make the binding process easier.

After logging in to your account, open "Settings". There, you'll see account information, settings, and billing information you need to rent to rent movies.

We hope you found this information useful. Welcome to Rakuten TV!

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